Interactive LED light installation with Sound
20 x 20 x 10 Feet

Concept & Design by CHiKA
Sound Design & Programming by Phan V
Technical advice by Boris EDELSTEIN, GarageCUBE
Emergency Grant by Foundation for Contemporary Arts
Support by Eyebeam & GarageCUBE, MadMapper
LED light by GarageCUBE & Showjockey

SHIiKAKU = 四角, 視覚, 視角, 死角 is a Japanese homophone that translates to "square", "visual", "optic angle" as well as "blind spot". Embracing these themes and variations, SHiKAKU07 creates light symphony by the presence of a viewer in real time. SHiKAKU 07 is a unique "seeing sound " experience by public participation.

Inspired by Zen Garden structure, SHiKAKU07 transform old idea and stricture require to sit, meditate, and observe, into a new digital, an active garden by public, SHiKAKU07 that uses LED lights and sound with new technology by public collaborative activation.

SHiKAKU07 was developed during Eyebeam residency in 2013.

四角: Square structure
SHiKAKU07' structure is inspired by Japanese Zen garden, Karesansui. It is a "dry landscape" garden, that creates arrangement of rocks, water, moss, tree and bushes and uses sand to create a universe. SHiKAKU07 as a Digital Zen garden presents LED strips hanging from the ceiling to the wall as a tree and bushes, a cube like LED bars structure as rocks and public walking through the structure as water. There will be 2 set of 1-2m LED light cube like structures with 10 sets of 2-6m LED light strip over it. Public will be free to walk around the structures.

視覚: Visual
SHiKAKU07' s experience is "seeing sound" and public will be a part of creation. Visual effect will be synchronized with sound. Depend on where public stand, their audio visual experience will be different with 6 channel speakers.

視角: Optical angle
SHiKAKU, Square structures are 2 cube like installations. Combination of Led lights create illusion of many different patterns of cube in the dark space.

死角: Blind spot
Unexpected light and sound experience will happen how and how many public walk through the installation. Exposure of strong LED lights will appear as a unexpected afterimages.

When no one is in the space, there will be very minimum background sound from 6 speakers in darkness. There will be 2 cubes like installation standing parallel structure that public can activate LED lights and 6 channel sound in the dark space. Only way to observe and experience SHiKAKU07 is walking around and be part of the installation. A sensors built into the structures create unlimited variations of light symphony.


SHiKAKU07 @ Eyebeam, NY, USA

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